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U3A Warkworth was established in 1996.

Our General Meetings which are informal and convivial are usually held on the second Monday of February, April, June, August, October and December. These meetings feature a guest speaker, morning tea, and any other general business.

The general meetings are usually held in the Bridge Club Hall, 2 Alnwick St, (Next to the Town Hall) Warkworth at 10 am. Some special general meetings may be held at other locations.

Bridge Club Hall location (see red marker)

Interest Groups - The Heart of U3A

Interest Group meetings help bring people together to embark on a learning adventure with like-minded people.
These Group Meetings are usually held monthly at different times as arranged by each group. The venues and topics vary with each meeting. Each group is independent and can operated according to it's members wishes. This leads to a wide variety of experiences.
Any member can start up a new group.

Comments from members about groups

"Being part of a group makes me happy...learning and interacting with others gives me a lot of satisfaction......."

"It provides opportunities to use skills acquired in earlier life in ways that are useful and does wonders for one's self esteem......."

"It's never too late to learn something new, make friends and have fun......."

Join one of our groups

    • Ancient & Modern History
    • Art Appreciation
    • Book Talk
    • Current Affairs
    • Developments in Medicine
    • Exploring Poetry
    • Interesting Plants
    • Geology
    • Jazz Listening
    • Local History
    • Music Appreciation
    • Ornithology - Bird Watching
    • Science & Climate
    • ....or start a new group yourself on any topic

Here's the Ancient History Group on study tour to Ruapekapeka Pa.
Ruapekapeka Local History

Our Committee for 2023

Committee 2023

L to R: Kristin, Steve, Ken, Willo, Alison, Nigel, Prue, Diane, Jim, Alan

President, Speakers, Auckland Network Ken Cutforth
Secretary Jim Flewitt
Treasurer Dianne Knight
Hospitality Kristin Price
Membership Alison Coates
Almoner Prue Dray
Publicity Willo Stear
Groups Convenor, Archivist Nigel Swaffield
Bulletin Editor,IT Equipment
Steve Goldthorpe
Website, Database, Grapevine, IT Alan Spicer

Lorraine Nelson

General & Committee Meetings Schedule 2023

January 31st
February 13th General
March 13th Committee
April 11th General
May 8th Committee
June 12th Mid-winter Lunch
July 10th Committee
August 14th General
September 11th Committee
October 9th General
November 13th
December 11th Annual General

 Current members: 199


Warkworth is located in the north-eastern edge Auckland city


Pre-European Puhinui (Warkworth).
The area was known by the Ngati Manuhiri iwi, the original people, as Puhinui.
For them,Te Awa Waihe (the Mahurangi River) was a very important waterway. They established convenient waka (canoe) landing sites along its course, serving the numerous settlements along the river, harbour and further inland.
In addition to providing water transport, the river was an important source of food such as tuna (eels), koura (freshwater crayfish), kakahi (freshwater mussels) and waterfowl. There were also flax and other weaving resources and plants and fruit for kai (food) and orongoa (medicine). The large mature trees in the once dense surrounding bush were felled for waka and building materials.
Modern era Warkworth.
The present town was founded in the 1830s by English settlers from Northumberland, England, and many of its streets are named after towns in the 'home' County, Northumberland.
Over the years, Warkworth has grown steadily, based on an agricultural and horticultural economy plus the  local administrative centre.
Before the days of reliable all-weather roads, it was an important maritime transport base, linking the surrounding area to the fast-growing town of Auckland and areas further north.
The town is presently experiencing a period of rapid growth promoted by tourism, numerous new commercial enterprises and housing development for Auckland's expanding population.
Warkworth is now the retail, commercial, and education centre of the northern area of the Rodney District serving approximately 12,000 residents.

Warkworth has often been called one of the loveliest small towns in New Zealand.

Jane Gifford

Jane Gifford at Warkworth Town Wharf

New Members are always welcome.
At U3A Warkworth you will meet familiar faces plus a new group of friendly people with similar interests. If you have just moved to the area, or recently retired and are looking for new horizons, this is a pleasant and stimulating way to extend your circle of friends

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Phone contacts:
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☎ 09-425-6408 - Members

Bank Account: 02-0480-0133880-00 (U3A Warkworth)

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