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What is U3A?

The word U3A is derived from "University of the Third Age". The movement began in France in the mid-1970s, has now spread to many countries and has hundreds of thousands of members throughout the world. U3A is a response to the idea that human life is divided into three periods: firstly, childhood and schooling, secondly, child rearing and work and thirdly, retirement.

The Third Age is seen as an important opportunity for listening, learning and understanding.
It is during retirement that people can put into practice the idea of a "university" as a community of like-minded people who seek a greater understanding of life. U3A members help each other in their learning groups and form strong and meaningful relationships with a sense of community, social well-being, fellowship and belonging.

Unique characteristics of U3A.


New Members are always welcome.
At U3A Warkworth you will meet familiar faces plus a new group of friendly people with similar interests. If you have just moved to the area, or recently retired and are looking for new horizons, this is a pleasant and stimulating way to extend your circle of friends

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☎ 09-973-3130 - President
☎ 09-425-6408 - Membership

Bank Account: 02-0480-0133880-00 (U3A Warkworth)

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