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Groups Calendar 2022

Groups & Convenors. June 2022
July 2022
August 2022
Ancient & Modern History
10:00 am, 1st Friday
Geoffrey Bowes
"The Geopolitical and Economic Power Struggles of the Bronze Age"
Presenter: Willo Stear
The Oaks Board Room, ground floor.
   Friday 3rd June, 10 am
BYO refreshment
The Oaks Board Room, ground floor.
   Friday 1st July, 10 am
BYO refreshment
The Oaks Board Room, ground floor.
   Friday 5th, 10 am
BYO refreshment
Architecture & Design
(Launching soon)

Ornithology/Bird Watching
2nd Wednesday
Between 10am & 2pm, tides permitting.

Ken Cutforth

Visit the Muriwai Beach
Gannet Colony.
Meet at the beginning of Hauiti Drive, Warkworth at 1 pm.
where car-pooling will be arranged. Each passenger to pay the driver $5.00
Wednesday July 13, 1:00pm
"Kiwi Hunt"
Tawharanui Regional Park to engage with foraging kiwi.
Meet at 6.00 pm at carpark just north of Matakana School for Carpool.
Warm waterproof clothing essential.
Wednesday 10th August. 6 pm
Art Appreciation
1st Thursday,
check for times.

Berris Spicer
Sally Wilson
Margaret Wright
Visit to Hundertwasser Art Centre, Whangarei.
A prior booking is essential.
Coach departs 9am, returning 5pm
For further details, contact a convenor
Thursday June 2nd,
Martin Sanders, photographer

Venue: Totara Park Rec. Hall, Warkworth
Thursday 7th July, 10 am
"Rock Art and Ritual"
Fading Images of the Symbolic Expression of Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers
Dr.Willo Stear
Venue: Totara Park Recreation Hall
Thursday 4th August, 10 am
Book Talk
10:00 am, 1st Tuesday
Jeanette Grimmer
Host: Nancy Tayles
Tuesday 7th June, 10am
Host: Judith Larsen at Warkworth Oaks
Tuesday 5th July, 10 am
Host: Alison Coates, 21 Tamatea Drive, Snells Beach.
Tuesday 2nd August, 10 am
Current Affairs
2:00 pm, 3rd Thursday
Geoffrey Bowes
Meeting cancelled

   Thursday 16th June, 2pm
"Merging Television and Broadcasting"
Allan Martin (ex Director General of TVNZ)
The Oaks Community Room (above the hotel), entrance at rear of hotel.
      Thursday 21st July, 2pm
BYO refreshment
The Oaks Board Room, ground floor.
   Thursday 18th August, 2pm
BYO refreshment
Developments in Medicine
2:00 pm, 4th Thursday
Linda Moore
No Meeting this month Venue:
Thursday 23rd June, 2pm.

(Launching soon)

Jazz Listening
2:00 pm, 3rd Monday

Val Couling
Monday 20th June, 2pm "Jazz & Swing for your Pleasure" Part 2.
5 Matakana Road, Warkworth
Monday 18th July, 2pm

Venue: 25 Gordon Craig Place, Algies Bay.
Monday 15th August, 2pm
Local History
10:00 am, 4th Tuesday

Jenni McGlashan
"Exploring the History of Port Albert"
With Ken Cutforth
Meet at 9:15 at the Warkworth Museum car park (Thompson Rd) for car share.
Tuesday 28th June, 9:15 am

Music Appreciation
2:00 pm, 2nd Thursday

Mike Austin
Jenny Collins
Video looking at two conductors – Teodor Currentzis and Alondra de la Parra.
Venue: Anderson Home,
91 Anderson Road.
Thursday 9th June, 2pm
Matakana Cinema to view the film of the Metropolitan Opera presentation of Rigoletto.
Sunday July 31st
Venue: Alison's home, 21 Tamatea Drive.
Thursday 11th August, 2pm
Exploring Poetry
1:30 pm, 3rd Wednesday

Susan Howard
Host:Malcolm Clague
Bring along a couple of poems that make you feel good or give hope.
Wednesday 15th June 1:30 pm
Venue: Warkworth Hotel
Host: Judith McNeil
Exploring the poetry of Joanna Preston.
Wednesday 20th July 1:30 pm
Host: Pam Ellender
National Theatre video: "A Poet for Every Day of the Year"
Wednesday 17th August, 1:30 pm
Science and Climate
2:00 pm. 3rd Friday

Ralph & Anne Cooney
No meeting this month
“The Evolution of Modern Navigation and Polynesian Navigation”
Mike Austin
"Tales of the Sea"
Peter Kammler
Venue: Totara Park Recreation Hall
Friday 15th July, 2 pm
"A cruise along the Greenland Coast" and "The New Zealand Geographic"
Speaker: Kennedy Warne (Founding Editor of NZ Geographic)
Venue: Totara Park Recreation Hall
Friday 19th August, 2 pm
Te Ao Maori, the Maori World View
1:00 pm. 4th Wednesday

Inaugural meeting.
"Whakawhanaungatanga - getting to know each other"
and what we want to learn about the Maori world.
Kaiako: Claire Winiana
Venue: Oaks Boardroom, entry from The Oaks parking area.
Wednesday 22nd June, 1:00 pm
Kaiako: Claire Winiana
Venue: Sybil's, 5/99 Hauiti Drive, Warkworth.
Wednesday 20th July 27th, 1:00 pm

Play Reading
In Recess In Recess
Antiques and

In Recess In Recess

Below is a Google Calendar of our Events and Group Meetings.
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Group Leaders: To email the web editor with any calendar additions or changes,  click here

Covid-19 is still with us.
To protect others if you have cold or other flu-like symptoms, please stay at home.
When using Totara Park, Oceania Healthcare still need you to sign-in and to wear a mask whenever possible.
To maximise ventilation, they suggest that doors and windows are opened if weather permits.

About our Groups

Convenors Description
Ancient & Modern History

Geoffrey Bowes
Ancient History Group meet in members’ homes the first Friday of each month at 9.30am,, excluding January.
Our meetings start with morning tea/coffee and fellowship before we explore the chosen programme for the year.
Group members can chose to research aspects of the programme to present their findings to the group.
On occasions we have a Bits & Pieces Meeting where members can contribute to the meeting with historic items of interest.
Art Appreciation
Berris Spicer
Sally Wilson, Margaret Wright.
The Art Appreciation Group has approximately 60 members but the size of the group attendances varies from month to month.
During the warmer months we often go by bus to art exhibitions. At our other meetings we enjoy presentations from invited artists or from some of our members.
Book Talk
Jeanette Grimmer
Meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month, at 10 am, in members' homes.
Each person brings a book they are currently reading or have just read, and talk about it.
This sometimes leads to discussion related to what was shared.
Current Affairs
Geoffrey Bowes
There are 20 of us which is our limit and we are currently meeting in the Boardroom at The Oaks.
Everyone is asked to speak about a current event that interests them and after they have talked the rest of the Group are invited to comment/add to the topic which can lead to lively debates.
One Member recently commented "its better than going to the pictures".
Developments in Medicine

Linda Moore
All new members welcome; no medical background required, just interest and willingness to be part of the group. We have excellent discussions, and lots of people can usually add to what’s been said. We learn a lot. It’s fun and lively.
Jazz Listening
Val Couling
One of the original Warkworth U3A groups, we have over 20 members with an average attendance of about 15.
This lively group meets monthly at each other’s homes and the presentations are always interesting and informative as many of our members have a wide and diverse knowledge of jazz. Topics range from the history and styles of jazz and jazz musicians using CDs, DVDs and YouTube, as well as sharing our favourite recordings and occasional live jazz sessions.
No prior knowledge is required to join this group, just a wish to hear great music and learn something new.
Local History
Jenni McGlashan
The district of Warkworth is teeming with history, and while the local history group of U3A has been in operation for 11 years there is always another topic ‘on the horizon’ waiting to be explored!
Currently the group numbers 12, many being comparatively new members. Sometimes we meet in a member’s home for a presentation, other times we travel to the destination to be discussed - field trip style.
With the pandemic negating group meetings, a quiz and visual meeting have been arranged.
Our home based meetings are often presented by a member, or sometimes by a local person with a strong knowledge of a particular aspect of our local history.
Music Appreciation
Mike Austin
Jenny Collins
This groups meets at 2pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month at a member’s home.
A group member presents a topic that they have researched, and prepared using DVDs, CDs and/or You Tube clips. Some recent presentations have been Music of Scotland, Famous Conductors, Music for Meditation, Music Therapy and The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.
We conclude the presentation with afternoon tea.
New members are very welcome.
Ornithology/Bird Watching
Ken Cutforth Our group meets every second Wednesday of the month, between 10.00 a.m and 2.00 p.m, tides permitting. Most meetings will involve field trips to various venues mainly on our coastline. Some meetings will take place in member’s homes.
Exploring Poetry
Susan Howard
The Exploring Poetry group meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 1.30pm to discuss both national and international poets and their work.
The sessions are varied and may include a video, or YouTube interview or a presentation by a local poet, most often though each member takes a turn to present the poet of their choice with an introduction, and a selection of poems for the group to read and discuss.
We finish with afternoon tea.  The group numbers about 10-11 and welcomes new members.
Science & Climate Ralph Cooney
Prof. Ralph & Anne Cooney The group’s activities will include Climate Change, Environmental Science and Management, Ecology, New Technologies, Astronomy etc.
The meeting topics may include briefings and workshops led by visiting experts and will Involve open group discussion.
There will also be opportunities for members to bring their own questions and issues regarding science along to meetings.
Te Ao Maori

The Te ao Maori Interest Group will explore the Maori World view and will be led by experienced kaiako (tutor), Claire Winiana

Members, do you want to join a new group?

If you are not a member of a group and would like to join, contact the group leader for further details.

Recent Group Events


June 22nd, Te Ao Maori Group

The Te Ao Maori group assembled for their first meeting lead by our Kaiako, Claire Winiana.

The group started with a Whakawhanaungatanga - getting to know each other, where each member talked about their Whakapapa (family history). The discussion then moved to Matariki and its meaning to us and its place in the Maori World.

Claire TeAoMaori
Te Ao Maori Kaiako, Claire, about Matariki

June 13th June, General Meeting

We were honoured to have Barbara Dreaver, Television Journalist at TVNZ, as our speaker at our June ‘mid-Winter’ meeting. Barbara will be familiar to many as the Pacific Correspondent for TVNZ’s News and Current Affairs. She has been a journalist for more than 30 years, co-owning a newspaper in the Cook Islands, working in print, radio and television. She is currently on the TVNZ/Radio NZ establishment board and designs and delivers training to Pacific broadcasters across the region.

Barbara’s talk was a stimulating and engrossing look at our extended neighborhood, the South Pacific Islands. She talked about the challenges they face as nations in a warming planet and the geo-political wrestling match which can often befall smaller emerging nations when major powers become involved.

Barbara presented several short video clips showing the struggles the people face coping with the challenges of extreme weather events, lack of stable water supplies and fertile soil, topped off by steadily rising sea levels.

The Mahurangi High School Kiribati Group also gave us an entertaining interlude featuring modern Kiribati dance. What a beautiful happy group they were.

Group at Omaha Beach Golf Club

Mahurangi Kiribati group's performance

June 8th, Ornithology

A small Ornithology group was treated to a very informative afternoon on our first outing. We visited the Omaha Shorebird Sanctuary where we saw dotterels, godwits, white-faced heron, terns and oyster catchers, with expert commentary from Marie-Louise Ward.

Bird Watching Group June22

June 2nd,  Art Appreciation

For their June meeting, the Art Appreciation Group traveled North to Whangarei to visit the recently opened Hundertwasser Art Centre.  The visit included a tour of the gallery led by one of their most experienced guides who outlined the artist's life and philosophy.  The Group then had the opportunity to view the large collection of Hundertwasser's works of art.  There was still time to check out some of the other galleries and craft centres in the town basin before returning home.

Hundertwasser Museum, Whangarei. Image: Ralph Cooney

   Art Group members at Whangarei Town Basin with museum guide

May 5th,  Art Appreciation

The group's meeting was "Artists Among Us" where four members talked about their work or collection, with a brief description of selected items, how they were created and what they represent. Our artists presented work covering ceramics, fabric collage, plant dyes and mordants, painting, Old-English style samplers and glass.

Art Appreciation May 22

Art Appreciation May 22

Members discussing members' work

Presenters/Artists were; Judith Morgan, Julie Tuck, Judy Ward, Helen Howard, Berris Spicer and Sylvia Diprose.

General Meeting April 11

Mini Speaker:  David Edge, a Regional Park Ranger for the past 15 years, who is currently based at Tawharanui spoke about his work with particular emphasis on the scourge of feral cats and other destructive pests.

Main Speaker: Dr Jill McPherson, who was Project Manager for the recently opened Hundertwasser Museum in Whangarei spoke about the design, building and commissioning of this magical project.

Annual General Meeting (for 2021)

The Covid-delayed 2021 Annual General Meeting was held in the Warkworth Town Hall on 14th February 2022.

President Ken presented his annual report and Treasurer Dianne presented the annual accounts. The Officers for 2022 year were elected.

To mark our 25th anniversary, Past President Mary and President Ken cut the Anniversary Cake which was enjoyed by the large membership who attended.

We were honoured to have Rod Oram as our Guest Speaker. Rod is a well respected media commentator and was one of the two N.Z. Media attendees at the COP 26 conference recently held in Glasgow.

His talk covered aspects of New Zealand's climate change policy approach and our agreed International Climate Change obligations. It would be fair to say that Rod left us with plenty to think about and the realisation that as a society and individually, we need to act immediately to avert disastrous changes to the environment and our lifestyle.

His final slide depicted a space traveller on returning to base from a trip to Earth.


"I went back to warn them, but they already knew and didn't seem to care"

Celebrity Speakers | Hire Rod Oram for your next event.

If you were not able to attend, click on the YouTube link below for Rod's talk;



November Book Talk Group Zoom Meeting

On November 8, for the third time our group met on zoom, but on this occasion had no extra minutes allotted unfortunately.  Shirley shared a thank you card from Angela Kissling with those of us present.   Then  we each spent  a few minutes speaking about a book we had been reading.
As usual, there was a wide variety, with non-fiction predominating.  Alongside the one novel – “Stark” by Ben Elton, we had a travel book – “The Amur River” by Colin Thubron, a book about ancient civilisations in South America – “The Missing Lands”  by Freddy Silva, an autobiography – “Promised Land”  by Barack Obama,  and two biographical books -  “Outback Heroines” about women in Australia by Sue Williams,  and  “All the Young Men”  about the life of Ruth Coker Burns, by Kevin Carr O’Leary.  Meeting and sharing together is always so enjoyable.  The time was far too short.
By:  Jeanette Grimmer (Group Convenor)

October Book Talk Group Zoom Meeting

We did hope to possibly meet in a home at Level  2, and delayed our meeting one week for this reason.  However,  as Auckland currently remains at Level 3, we met for the second time on Zoom.  This month we were given extra time, and so had a full hour together on Tuesday, 12 October, from 10 to 11 a.m.
We were four until a fifth member discovered how easy it is to join via the sent link, and arrived to join us after everyone else had shared about their books.  She said it was easy to join the group, but one member had struggled for 15 or 20 minutes:  at first visible, but without sound,  then with sound but invisible, until finally she could be both seen and heard.
As usual, the books we shared about were diverse.  One member has a large set of classics and had been reading these.  There were books  both fiction and non-fiction, the latter including a biography and an autobiography.  The countries where the various books  were set ranged from New Zealand to South Africa to eighteenth century Scotland, and to twentieth century China.
We had a splendid hour together, and look forward to our next session, hoping we may by then be able to meet in a home.  But if not, then it will be once more on Zoom.
By:  Jeanette Grimmer  (Group  Convener)

June General Meeting at RSA


Alison Talmage,pictured with a group of members, gave an interesting interactive presentation on "Music Therapy" with great audience participation.

Anne Cooney talked about their recent flight to the Southern Ocean to view the Aurora Borealis. The presentation was supported by a wonderful collection of images taken on the flight.

Exploring Poetry Group - June meeting:

The Exploring Poetry Group met recently to discuss the poetry of Diane Brown and Jacqueline Sturm at the Warkworth Hotel over a shared pizza. It was a great success and we enjoyed being in a different setting.

Science and Climate Group - April meeting:

AUT RadioAstroDish
A group of 30 U3A Science and Climate members visited the AUT Radio Astronomy Observatory, just south of Warkworth.
Professor Sergei Gulyaev (Professor of Astronomy, Director) and Tim Natusch (Deputy Director, Operations) explained the nature of the facility and the two dishes.
He explained the advantages and importance of Radio Astronomy over optical astronomy including the ability to look much deeper into our own galaxy.

AUT RadioAstro Control Room
Sergei commented following the meeting: “It was great to have your group at the observatory last week. Intelligence, attention, serious questions – all these made your visit very interesting and memorable to me.”
For more information, here is a link to their web site: https://irasr.aut.ac.nz/home

Music Appreciation Group - April meeting:

The Music Appreciation group recently organized a trip to the Auckland Town Hall where John Wells, former Auckland City organist hosted a 'behind the scenes' tour of the Pipe Organ.
As well as explaining about the myriad features of the console, and demonstrating his wonderful playing ability John guided us up the three levels of stairs behind and among the 5291 pipes.
Our group of 8 were amazed at the complexity of this world class instrument, which was rebuilt at vast expense some years ago by the Klais Organ Company in Germany.
Our thanks to John for hosting this interesting visit which will be long remembered by all who were able to be there.

Auckland Town Hall Organ Vist

New Members are always welcome.
At U3A Warkworth you will meet familiar faces plus a new group of friendly people with similar interests. If you have just moved to the area, or recently retired and are looking for new horizons, this is a pleasant and stimulating way to extend your circle of friends

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