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General Meetings 2020

Venue, Totara Park Recreation Hall, Melwood Drive, Warkworth at 10 a.m.

February 10

Gaye Stratton on Macular Degeneration.

Macular Degeneration (MD) is the leading cause of blindness in NZ and it is treatable. One in 7 people over 50 years of age have some evidence of MD and the incidence increases with age. Many people dismiss the early warning signs of MD, accepting vision loss as a normal part of the ageing process.

MD view

Macular degeneration  affects the central vision and could impact on your ability to drive, read, watch television, participate in your hobbies and recognise faces. Loss of vision can impact on your lifestyle and independence. You could have a higher risk of falls and fracturing hips; developing depression; inability to access health services and earlier admission to nursing homes. However if MD is caught in time, steps can be taken to prevent the onset of MD and treatments are available.

Gaye Stratton, Macular Degeneration New Zealand’s Community Liaison Educator, will dispel myths and misunderstandings about this chronic eye disease and will provide information on the latest treatments and the management of macular degeneration. Information packs will be available.
  • April

        Meeting cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

  • June

        Meeting cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

  • August 10

    Climate Change and COVID-19: A Glimpse of a Sustainable Future.

    Emeritus Professor Ralph Cooney, FRSNZ

    A consortium of UK Universities and the EU Environmental Authority have recently studied the reduction of vehicle traffic emissions during the COVID-19 lockdown. This study has revealed the underlying burden of emissions (carbon particulates and nitrogen oxides) and climate warming gases (petroleum gases and CO2) generated by internal combustion vehicles. These emissions pervade our cities, change our climate and compromise our health. In this talk, Professor Cooney will discuss current and future developments in electric vehicles and electric planes, which are expected to significantly remediate climate change and improve the quality of our urban environments. Professor Cooney will review the growing international consensus on climate change (US Pew Global Poll), and the recent shift of major oil and gas companies (BP, Shell and others) towards zero-carbon targets and investments in renewable technologies. He will in conclusion briefly summarize the status of several other current issues of general concern to the NZ public. These include the probable timing of future pandemics, the chances of a successful vaccine for COVID-19 as well as the international Circular Economy solution to plastics waste management.

    Professor Cooney has formerly held several senior positions within The University of Auckland including Pro Vice Chancellor of The Tamaki Innovation Campus (5 Faculties represented), Dean of the Science Faculty (13 Departments) and Head of the Department of Chemistry. More recently, he has led four major MBIE interdisciplinary research programs involving national networks, which included collaboration with most of the other NZ Universities and Crown Research Institutes. He has also acted as a special Ministerial Advisor. In 2019, he was awarded the international Jean Marie Lehn Award for outstanding research achievements in materials science and engineering. He has published 310 research publications and supervised about 100 postgraduate research students.
    • October 12

    • Dr Jonathan Lee on Afghanistan

  • Future Speakers waiting in the wings.

    • Alison Talmage on Music Therapy.

    • Dr Jenny Collins on History of Schools in the Mahurangi District

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